CSoC Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

Welcome Providers

The State of Louisiana has developed a Coordinated System of Care (CSoC) for Louisiana’s children and youth with significant behavioral health challenges or co‐occurring disorders that are in or at imminent risk of out of home placement.

The CSoC offers an array of Medicaid State Plan and Home and Community‐Based Waiver services (HCBS) to children and youth in need of mental health and substance use treatment who are deemed clinically and financially eligible.

The CSoC is an evidence‑informed approach to family and youth-driven care that enables children to successfully live at home, stay in school and reduce involvement in the child welfare and juvenile justice systems.  The primary goals for CSoC include:

  • Reduction in the number of children and youth in detention and residential settings;
  • Reduction of the State’s cost of providing services by leveraging Medicaid and other funding sources;
  • Increased access to a fuller array of home and community-based services that promote hope, recovery and resilience;
  • Improved quality by establishing and measuring outcomes; and
  • Improving the overall functioning of these children and their caregivers

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CSoC Resources for Providers

Available to you as a provider or other referring organization:

Children’s Waiver Addendum – These resources provide eligibility and referral information, as well as descriptions of the supportive processes within CSoC.

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