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LA Coordinated System of Care (CSoC)

Coordinated System of Care (CSOC

The Coordinated System of Care (CSOC) helps children and youth who are in or at greatest risk of out of home placement. Services and supports are provided with the goal of assisting children and youth in remaining in their community and/or returning home.

The four specialized services available through CSoC are:

  1. Parent Support and Training
  2. Youth Support and Training
  3. Independent Living/Skills Building
  4. Short Term Respite Care

In addition to these services, youth enrolled in CSoC are eligible for all state plan services except Multi-Systemic Therapy.

CSoC services are provided through Wraparound Agencies (WAA) and Family Support Organizations (FSO), as well as the services of other network providers. Together with youth and families, the WAA and FSO work to develop and coordinate a plan of care which support children and youth in returning to or remaining in the community.

A parent or guardian can refer a child/youth to be screened for CSoC services.

  • Individuals between the ages of 5-20 are screened for clinical eligibility
  • To make a referral, contact your Healthy Louisiana Plan. Youth who do not have a Healthy Louisiana Plan may be screened by calling 1-800-424-4489.

The Role of a Wraparound Agency (WAA)

The term wraparound describes a team-based planning process in which an individualized plan of care is developed for children/youth enrolled in the Coordinated System of Care.

 The Wraparound Agency emphasizes:

A values driven planning and organizing process which is child/youth-focused and family-centered

  • Home or community based alternatives with a primary goal to avoid out of home placement
  • Working with all the formal and informal supports in the child/youth’s life
  • Identification of services and supports in the community
  • Respect for the family’s culture, values, and religious beliefs
  • Coordination of services in the least restrictive or intrusive environment possible

A Wraparound Facilitator will:

  • Be assigned to every family to guide the wraparound process
  • Ensure all participant’s voices are heard
  • Leads a strengths, needs, and cultural discovery process
  • Help the youth, family, and team develop an individualized plan of care with specific goals that the family agrees upon

Family Support Organizations (FSO)

The FSO is an organization that provides parent and youth support and training and advocacy services to family members of children with emotional and behavioral health challenges who are enrolled in CSoC.

Parents/Caregivers and Youth are matched with Parent and Youth Support Training Specialists who have first-hand knowledge on navigating systems for themselves and/or family members, and have received specialized training to assist in working within the Coordinated System of Care.

Parent and Youth Support Training Specialists will:

  • Walk side-by-side with parents/caregivers and youth to help them better understand and work collaboratively with the Wraparound process.
  • Emphasize the importance of family voice and choice, and other key aspects to encourage and empower the family to set and achieve goals they express as important.

For more information, call Magellan Health of Louisiana at 1-800-424-4489.