Become a Provider

Become a Provider

Magellan is contracting and credentialing new providers as follows: 

  • CSoC Service Providers offering any of the four specialized CSoC services to children and youth
  • Certified Providers (CP) assessing youth members seeking services within the Coordinated System of Care
  • Child and youth providers serving children and youth who are in CSoC


For all questions related to becoming a CSoC Service Provider, Certified Provider, or child and youth provider serving CSoC children, please send an email to

Any other new providers interested in providing Medicaid behavioral health care services should reach out to the Healthy Louisiana Plans.

The Magellan in Louisiana Network of Providers

Steps to applying as a network provider, along with helpful information for navigating this process:

1. Interested Providers are directed to the Medicaid Behavioral Health Services Provider Manual to review information about provider qualifications, requirements, and the types of licenses necessary to provide services. If you are not already licensed, you may apply for an LDH license through the LDH Health Standards Section (HSS) via license programs available on the HSS website. For information about obtaining a DCFS license, please review information available on the DCFS Licensing website.

**Please do not accept any referrals or treat any members until you have been fully credentialed and contracted with Magellan.**  

2. Complete and Return an Interested Provider Form

3. Become a Credentialed provider with Magellan Health 

  • Once you complete steps one and two, we will send you a Credentialing Application by email.
  • Once you receive the application, please return it along with all supplemental documentation to Magellan's Contract Support.

 4. Become a Contracted provider with Magellan Health 

  • Once you complete steps one, two and three, we will send a contract/amendment.
  • Once you receive the contract/amendment, please sign and return to the appropriate address. (documented in the contract materials)

Contract Support

(Updated 1/19/2018)

As you move through the contracting process with Magellan Health in Louisiana, our Contract Support is your point-of-contact for any questions and information related to joining Magellan's network of providers.

Contracting, Credentialing and Re-credentialing Assistance and Inquiries

 Contract Support Supervisor

Additional Resources

Please take time to visit the links listed below to review the Behavioral Health Services Provider Manual, Medical Necessity Criteria, and DHH Health Standards.  These documents are helpful as you determine the services you would like to be contracted to provide. 

Email Contacts

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