Provider Training Requirements


Magellan‘s goal is to ensure we meet the needs of all our providers who serve CSoC children as well as the Wraparound Agencies and the Family Support Organization.

The next sections provide the required trainings that are available as Magellan online courses that have been approved by the state.  After participating in the online training, providers must complete the Provider Attestation Form at the end of the presentation which will provide Magellan with documentation of provider participation.

Please note that providers are not required to participate in all of Magellan offered trainings below; however, they must complete all training course requirements either by:

  • Completing a Magellan online training and submitting Provider Attestation Form at the end of the training, or
  • Showing proof of completion of training via another entity (to be kept on file and submitted upon request)

It is important to note that it is mandatory for Magellan to monitor providers to ensure compliance with these training requirements.

Magellan Online Training Courses
New Provider Orientation
Office of Behavioral Health (OBH) Training Requirements for Unlicensed Direct Care Staff
CSoC Patient Safety and Adverse Incidents Training
HCBS Setting Rule Requirements for Providers & Wraparound Agencies