Provider Toolkit

  • CSoC Needs Reporting Form - A CSoC member’s Plan of Care (POC) outlines his/her specific service needs.  When the services listed are not being received as outlined, this form is completed by the WAA and helps identify and describe the needs, barriers, or issues of provider types that impact service delivery in order for appropriate action steps to occur and find resolution. 
  • CSoC MCO Referral Form – For the Healthy Louisiana Plans to submit referrals to Magellan
  • CSoC Discharge Form – For the Wraparound Agency to submit to Magellan when child/youth is transitioned or discharged out of CSoC.
  • CSoC Adverse Incident Reporting Form – For providers reporting an adverse incident occurrence.
  • CSoC Member Appeal Form – For members to submit formal appeal in writing.
  • LA CSoC Interested Provider Form and W-9 Form - For providers interested in becoming a Magellan Provider.
  • Psychological Testing Form-This form must accompany the Plan of Care (POC) if this service is needed

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