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Alcohol Use Screening

This screening is intended to give you a general indication of alcohol use and its effects. This screening in no way should be taken as an accurate diagnosis regardless of your results. If you have thoughts of suicide, homicide or are functionally impaired, call us at 1-800-424-4489.


Directions: The confidential alcohol use screening contains 10 brief questions. There are no right or wrong answers. We will not record or track the answers you give for this screening. All questions are required.


1. How often do you have a drink containing alcohol?
2. How many drinks containing alcohol do you have on a typical day when you are drinking?
3. How often do you have six or more drinks on one occasion?
4. How often during the last year have you found that you were not able to stop drinking once you had started?
5. How often during the last year have you failed to do what was normally expected of you because of drinking?
6. How often during the last year have you needed a first drink in the morning to get yourself going after a heavy drinking session?
7. How often during the last year have you had a feeling of guilt or remorse after drinking?
8. How often during the last year have you been unable to remember what happened the night before because of your drinking?
9. Have you or someone else been injured as a result of your drinking?
10. Has a relative, friend, doctor, or other health worker been concerned about your drinking or suggested you cut down?

This screening is the Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test (AUDIT) developed by the World Health Organization and tested in a worldwide trial. This tool was reproduced with permission from the World Health Organization.