EPSDT (Early Periodic Screening, Diagnostic & Treatment)


Children under age 21, who have Medicaid, qualify for EPSDT benefits. This coverage provides access to full wellness and preventative healthcare services.

EPSDT ensures that children get the critical care they need:

  • Early: assessing and identifying problems early
  • Periodic: checking children’s health at periodic, age-appropriate intervals
  • Screening: providing physical, mental, developmental, dental, hearing, vision, and other screening tests to detect potential problems
  • Diagnostic: performing diagnostic tests to follow up when a risk is identified, and
  • Treatmentcontrol, correct or reduce health problems

You can visit the official United States government Medicaid website for detailed information on EPSDT.


You can also find out more information on the Louisiana Department of Health’s website by selecting one of the links below.

EPSDT Behavioral Health Services: http://www.ldh.la.gov/index.cfm/page/335

EPSDT Dental Services: http://www.ldh.la.gov/index.cfm/page/2443

EPSDT Personal Care Services: http://www.ldh.la.gov/index.cfm/page/334

EPSDT Screening Services: http://www.ldh.la.gov/index.cfm/page/2439